Explore Truly, Deeply,Madly of Bali & beyond

We help you to discover your dream destination in Indonesia Archipelago, The String of Emerald. Trough our base in Bali, Indonesia, and our specialist for Bali and beyond transport service and trip arrangement inclusive packages and day tours for groups and individuals, family leisure or honeymoon. Our personalise and tailor made trip and tour package are designed to suite everyone needs and desire to discover and experience the authentic of Bali & Beyond destinations. Our Beyond Bali destinations are covering famous the Three Gili islands, Lombok, Komodo-Flores, Mt. Bromo & Blue fire of Ijen Plateau in East Java and Jogjakarta in central Java.

We are not a foreign company working in Bali. We are a local company working in the region: South, West, North, East, Central of Bali , Java and Lombok. Our crew and team are professionally trained and understand tourism, hospitality, people & culture of the Bali, Java and Lombok culture. Gorra as the team leader do not only know Bali but he have travelled and studied hospitality and tourism industry trough the famous Tourism and Hotelier University in Bali, this helps him to transfer his knowledge to every team member to understand and serve people from diverse cultures. Regular trainings are still conducted for our crew and team member. This is done so the team member and our crew are up-to-date with the current trends  in the industry but also so that they can serve our visitors better. 

Adimelali has been operating since 2009.When you book a trip with us, you have access to people who have been where you are going. You will deal directly with people who are able to answer your questions.We take you off the beaten path on carefully crafted itineraries that are unique and thoughtfully planned. We do not support conveyor-belt tourism, where groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary at the expense of spontaneity. The pace of the tours is designed to cater for the health of the guests.We support a number of development projects throughout the region, and we make sure you have close contact with local people. During some of our adventures, you have the opportunity to visit schools, orphanages, community projects  women’s groups and others.You will find our tours eventful, stimulating and great value for your money.

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Are you looking for a week-long laze on the beach with a bit of snorkeling or dolphin watching or would you prefer bike riding and volcano climbing? We’re going to depart from our standard itinerary model and instead suggest a few different places for different kinds of people – you can put the pieces together yourself.

Bali is bigger than you may think and the generally poor standard of roads – and the heavy traffic in the south – makes the going even more time consuming than it should be. This means that while it is possible to get around with us. We’d say with a week, pick three or four spots at the most as you’ll otherwise be spending too much of your time in transport. We have many suggestion of trip including a cross to East Java for the Ijen crater climbing and Baluran National park,  and we do this in private and comfortably multi-days trip Bali & beyond.




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