We feel that sharing recipes and cuisine with our guests is a delectable and exciting way to introduce and weave our history and culture together. 

Although the Adimelali Catering Project is currently in the testing phase, it is still our dream to become a prominent food caterer of flavourful, fresh, and authentic Balinese cuisine for visitors to Bali. We are sustainably-conscious, only harvesting exclusively from our on-site farm or turning to local growers as our primary food supply.

We are privileged to be able to include the freshest foods into our recipes while also supporting the local economy to thrive, and consumers benefit by savouring original Balinese menu that can only be experienced through goods produced locally.

Our current featured menu: Adimelali Catering Project Bebek Set Dish

**This is a made to order dishes. Kindly place your order 2 days in advance.