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Bali leading and pioneer Transport service with baby car seats and safety first service.

Parents fear traveling with young children because it’s terrifying to travel in a car with no car seats, unsecured car seats or the wrong car seats. Plus, it’s inconvenient to travel with multiple car seats. Most taxi’s and car services in Bali do not provide securely harnessed and installed car seats for children. Adimelali since 2008 provide a service with professionally trained drivers who provide secured child car seats for safe airport transfer and cruise car transportation.

Your young children deserve the best when traveling round Bali and beyond and also to and from the airports. Car seats are important for their maximum safety. Other major car transportation providers don’t provide car seats. They ignore the safety concerns of parents with young children. Adimelali is different, our concern not just good service, but also trusted and always put safety first in every service.

Adimelali solves problems for parents seeking transport service in Bali, and airport car transportation. Major car services do not provide pre-harnessed and pre-installed car seats for child passengers, leaving children vulnerable to injuries, in case of an accident. Adimelali offers a safe alternative. Adimelali offer a free of charge and no additional charge for baby car seat designed decade for families with young children seeking transportation for day trip and airport transfer in Bali with professional licensed drivers. These drivers provide pre-harnessed and pre-installed convertible car seats for infants, toddlers, small and large children. This service is not offered by any of the major providers in the Bali’s marketplace.

At adimelali, professional drivers are trained as child seat installers. You can relax that your child will be safe when you ride with us. Adimelali provides transportation in quit large few type SUV, these vehicles can be equipped with 1 to 4 car seats. Adimelali provide parents to screened, vetted, trained and qualified professional drivers.

The driver recruitment process promotes a safe environment for both the driver and the passengers. Drivers undergo rigorous employment screening which includes local and national criminal, terrorist, and sex offender registry searches. You can be confident in our drivers.

Reasons To Choose adimelali When Traveling to Bali with Kids.

  • Child Friendly, adimelali is the leading kid-friendly transportation company providing installed car seats for infants and small children for decade. The brand new Minivan and SUV we have selected will meet safety standards for passenger cars. These features include dual airbags and adjustable height shoulder harness for front and second row seats. All seatbelt latch plates incorporate the capability to help secure child car seats. For added safety, anti-lock brakes are standard and steel side guard door beams are built into all the doors. All drivers and passengers will be required to wear a safety belt regardless of age or weight.
  • Expert Car Seat Installation, adimelali drivers are trained to harness and install convertible child car seats for infants to larger children. With variety size and type, including kid car cushion for 4-5 up to 7 years old.
  • Convenient Travel Experience, traveling with children is very hard and carrying an extra car seat is an extra burden. Adimelali solves that problem. And it’s a FREE OF CHARGE and no additional cost for the baby car seat or kid car cushion request.
  • Clean Car Seats, at adimelali, as we specialise in kid friendly transport service with baby car seats and therefore the car seats are all clean and well maintained.
  • Keep your children happy and busy, as we designed our service for any kind of traveler, so every experience we will give should unique. For traveler with kid/ children, to deliver this unique experince not just for the adult ( parents) is much to consider (on the parents’ side) when entrusting a transportation service to deliver your children safely. For the young traveler ( the children) our driver not just design to drive and trusted, but also capable and reliable to assist parents handling their kid/child. To add a fun and keep your kid/children happy and busy, we add surprise factor as kid/children love surprise. A free colouring book and colouring pencil/crayon for your child/kid. A snack for both kid/child and parents. So far we still develop a healthy snack thats can give unique and healthy experience for the whole family ( mom, dad and kids ).
Bali first class Kid friendly transport service adimelali.com