For those wanting a more “Close to Bali ” type of truly, deeply and madly experience, the Multiple Day Trips provides a experience to stay in a rustic accommodation of your choice situated on the every area of the island, from underwater explorer into National Park. From watching dolphin in their natural habitat into do a mountain trekking.

Spanning the distance from the Bali white sand beach in the southern coastal to the rugged coastline of North East Bali at its bottom tip, the island of Bali contains a staggering diversity of landscapes and Bali daily life attraction. From rain forest tower beneath vast open skies to watery deltas and mighty waterfalls where nature’s force reveals itself in all its glory, Bali spellbinds with its natural beauty.

Home to 9 regions, Bali is the original overland adventure and offers ample opportunity for multi-trip combos that include South Bali, Central Bali, East Bali, North and West Bali. We offer an exciting range of tours that cover these island and more in one amazing multiple-day trip. Below we have listed our most popular multiple-day touring options.

These are the most popular mix of regions combined on a visit to Bali. If we have not featured the particular combination of area you are looking for, we will be more than happy to tailor an itinerary to Bali that meets your exact requirements.