Bali Airport Transfer Service


Book a smooth airport transfer experience, to get you to and from Bali airports and holiday resorts a cross Bali at a great price and hassle-free, with us.

After a long, tiring flight and all those immigration queues, the last thing you’d wanna do is deal with finding a reliable taxi to get you to your hotel without having to haggle over prices, worry about being scammed on the way, or risk being dropped off at the wrong address.

While we can’t do anything about your flight or customs, we can at least ensure your airport transfer is an stress-free and smooth experience.

Heading for the taxi rank is not only likely to be the most expensive option but also the most uncertain. Queuing time and price will be difficult to predict and you risk being ripped off.

Taking a public bus or taxi randomly at Bali Airport for a transfer might not be such a good solution if you are arriving late at night, staying in an area that’s difficult to get to, or you have lots of luggage or small children in tow. Or you may just fancy the luxury of being chauffeured directly to your destination without the hassle of checking timetables and maps.

Pre-booking a private transfer service with us cuts out the uncertainty over queuing time and costs. Adimelali transport service, offers airport to city and resort transfers a cross the island destinations, with wide options of vehicle including standard 7 seater MPV/VAN cars, Big Van, minibuses & buses. We provides you affordable shuttle and private transfers.

All you have to do is click on Get A Details & Book Now button or fill in our booking form and we’ll take care of the rest—from having a driver pick you up on time at the Arrivals Gate, all the way to ensuring you arrive safely and comfortably at your accommodation. Just sit back, relax and enjoy our stress-free transit. You won’t be sharing your ride with anyone else, so stretch and be comfortable!. There will be no delays and no scams, and our drivers are reputable and trustworthy.