Big Van and Buses in Bali

If you’re visiting Bali and beyond and plan to transporting a small group to a large group of people to a special event ( wedding, office team building etc) or meeting, or have multiple meetings scheduled city-wide, our big van for 7 person up to 12 person on board, and our Mini Bus for 12 person up to 17 person, and our buses from 17 up to 45 person on board. What we offer for a small group to big group traveler may be the perfect solution for you. We offers easy, cost-effective, and stress-free group transportation. Our drivers are trained for efficiency and safety.

Have you had occasion when you needed to transport a group of people, but a big van was too small and a bus was too big? The minibus may be the solution. Most minibuses seat between 18 and 30 people and are ideal for the trips. Leave the driving to us. Rather than attempting to navigate a vehicle you’re not used to, we will provide you with a professional driver who’s been trained in proper safety and handling.