Fall in love with Bali your way, one day at a time.

Discover the best activities in Bali including Bali Full-Day Traditional Village Sightseeing or an Half-Day of Sunset on southern Bali beaches. And many more options of customisable day trip. Or you can ask us to assist you to arrange a customised Bali tours based on your wish to visit list, to explore the beautiful and uniqueness of Bali Island with trusted and reliable private transport service and travel buddy in Bali .

Selected and customisable of most popular full day tour in Bali is a day trip including air conditioned private transport service from selected of our standard 7 seats MPV/VAN/SUV to BIG Van, Mini Bus and Buses, Fuel, English speaking driver with full escort to make sure you well informed about the trip and object and also to make sure you a free and safe from tourist trap and tourist scam, refreshment , mineral water on board and parking ticket at visited objects . From the standard Full day of Kintamani trip with their breathtaking view of an active volcano and lake, Balinese culture with their majestic heritage, nature with their tropical plantation, also to see the making of many beautiful handicraft which is made by local people. This tour is very enjoyable with our professional driver/crew who always do outstanding for guest satisfaction and transported by full air-conditioning comfortable car . With its flexibility and customisable you may also skip some objects if you wish to spend more time on specific objects.

Our full day trip will maximise of every of your trip in one day, with maximum 8 hours to 12 hours a day. Through this trip enable you to see many tourist destinations in area by area of Bali ( South Bali, North Bali, Central Bali, East Bali and West Bali area). The journey will be started early in the morning or after breakfast from your hotel in Bali to visit temples, rice field, beaches, waterfall and others highlights of every area you wish to visit. A stop to visit or a small walk to the traditional market or around village , stop by at rice terrace to see the green of rice paddy surrounded by the jungle. Explore and see a magnificent view of mountain or lake. Witness the local people ritual at the temple or of a holy blessing inside the crystal clear fountain from the spring at the main temple. You can join the ritual if you wish too. And our crew/driver will arrange your need. Inside of our vehicle will be provided ‘sarong’ thats free to borrow, so if we will visit a temple on the way or a stop by visiting some village ritual or temple procession, while you not have your ‘sarong’ or they not provide any ‘ sarong’ for tourist, you don’t need to worry as we will provide for you for free to borrow. Or if you keen to join any ritual such cleansing at the holy fountain, our crew/driver will also bring an offering (Canang Sari or Pejati) and incense stick to complete the procession thats sometimes is must and required, and also for free.

And our half day trip are will fit all the object you wish to visit in area by area of Bali, in maximum 5 hours to 6 hours a day. This half day most of time will suit your plan for just have lunch outside of your hotel area, such as plan to have lunch at Babi Guling Ibu Oka in Ubud, or enjoying the journey to visit the best beaches in Bali which are mostly located at the southern side of this island. Experience your life to see the Sacred Kecak Fire Dance while watching the perfect sunset of Uluwatu Temple or around southern Bali beaches. A romantic place to enjoy the evening after visiting the beaches on the day time.

Extraordinary day trip are some selected trip and object to visit with non standard itinerary such, sunrise Lovina to watch Dolphin in their natural habitant in North Bali. Or a sunrise trekking trip to Mt. Agung or Mt.Batur. Extraordinary trip normally will take times over than 8 hours to drive in a day with various place to visit in different area, or start by midnight or at dawn. This also include an Itinerary of combining North Bali or West Bali with Baluran National Park in Bayuwangi, East Java in one day.

We provide professional, licensed, private Driver to look after you during your stay. Please feel free to contact us and together we can create a personalised itinerary for your amazing trip in Bali and beyond. All our crew are available 7 days a week for you to 8-12  hours a day as your travel buddy in and around the Bali and beyond area.